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Water Pro has been renting and selling reverse osmosis drinking water systems, alkaline reverse osmosis drinking water systems, water softeners, and water conditioning equipmennt for Ventura County, Los Angeles County and Santa Barbara County since 1992. We began our company because we are committed to providing filtered drinking water and helping people with water problems in their home.

The first time I heard about how drinking water from the tap could be harmful to people was in the late 1970’s when there was a radio announcement that the tap water the cities were providing should not be given to children because it was causing health problems. This was before fluoride was added into the drinking water.

filtered drinking water

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

So I now knew why I had so many bladder and kidney infections all my life. Each infection would be worse then the last one. A doctor told me with each infection I had I was scaring my bladder and kidneys. So of course with each infection the doctors would tell me I wasn’t drinking enough water. Since the tap water was my drinking water I made the infections worse.

So I started buying filtered bottled water for my drinking water. Not knowing I should have been cooking with it also. Back then there was no information that is available today about drinking water. Back then there was no internet, hard to believe I know.

People I knew thought I was crazy for buying filtered bottled water when we grew up drinking water out of a hose. So yes, I’m old enough to remember that water from a hose was considered good drinking water. If I wanted clean drinking water I should just boil it. Not knowing why bottled water was better then boiled water did escape me, but I kept buying reverse osmosis bottled water. I no longer had my infections.Yay!

Once I was married my husband learned how much of a fanatic I am about reverse osmosis filtered water. He drank the bottled water with me because he liked the taste but he wasn’t to sure that tap water caused health problems. Buying the jugs of water from the store was okay for one person. But now there was 2 people drinking filtered water. So I ordered filtered bottled water to be delivered for our drinking water.

Well guess what? I started getting bladder and kidney infections again. So again the doctors were telling me I wasn’t drinking enough water. I couldn’t imagine how much more water I could drink, but I drank more water. For those of you who’ve had bladder and kidney infection you know what I mean about the pain being beyond words. For those of you who have not had one I hope you never do. My infections were so severe at times I had to be hospitalized.

I then heard on the radio that water bottle dispensers have lead in them that was leaching into the filtered bottled water as it’s being dispensed. So I know knew why the infections were happening again. Thank goodness I listened to the radio. So back to buying jugs of filtered water from the store for our drinking water.

Slowly my husband was learning about tap water and filtered water. When you have a health issue you look for all the information you can. And I like to share information that I think will benefit others. So my family and friends started to hear about filtered water from me.

Once we had our first child we started to use delivered bottle water again. By then the water dispensers no longer had lead in them. Bottled water was expensive for us because we not only used the water for drinking but cooking. I still didn’t know the difference between boiled water and filtered water. We just liked the taste the food had when we didn’t use tap water.

We bought products that we thought would provide filtered water and were mislead as to what the products did. We realized that there were probably other people concerned about having filtered drinking water for their home and business.

Filtered Alkaline Drinking Water

Alkaline Filtered Drinking Water

So we began our business to help others provide filtered drinking water for their families and along the way we learned the benefits of using water softeners and water conditioners for the home. We rent and sell reverse osmosis drinking water systems, alkaline reverse osmosis drinking water systems and water conditioning systems. This is the same equipment we use in our home that has been tested by us.

This blog has been created to help you with the latest information regarding filtered drinking water and how water effects you on a daily bases.  We all hear we should drink at least 8 cups of water a day.  Well, we will offer you ideas on how to flavor your water naturally to encourage you to drink your water. All the recipes will be tested by us. If we post the recipe then you know it passed our families stringent taste. After all variety is the spice of life.

Water Pro serves: Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Ojai, Oak View, Santa Paula, Port Hueneme.