Soft Water

Automatic Water Softeners are necessary for Ventura County to turn the existing hard water into soft water.

The water in Ventura County is very hard by national standards.

Soft Water

Soft Water for as low as $35 Per Month or Purchase for as low as $950.

Soft Water has a minimum amount of calcium and magnesium minerals in it.

Hard water is caused by an excessive amount of minerals dissolving into the water.  The water spots on your dishes are mostly deposits of calcium and magnesium.  If you look at those spots under a microscope you will see hard, sharp, rock crystals.

Those hard, sharp, rock crystals are deposited on everything in your home that the water comes in contact with.  That’s why clothes that are washed in hard water feel so scratchy.  That’s why the towel that you dry your face with feels stiff and rough.

The mineral deposits in hard water can collect in the bottom of your water heater requiring the flame to stay on longer to heat your water.

The minerals can collect on the heating element in your dishwasher reducing the ability to dry the dishes efficiently.

Calcium and Magnesium can collect on your kitchen and bathroom fixtures and destroy the finish on them.

The hard, sharp, rock crystals of mineral deposits bake into your clothes in the clothes dryer.  This causes the colors to look faded and wears the clothes out faster by the action of the sharp crystals cutting the fabric of the clothing.  Soft water can dissolve these mineral deposits and wash them away.

Soft water is created by using a water softener to remove calcium and magnesium from the water.  Hard water enters the softener and flows through the resin bed.  The resin ionically attracts and captures the calcium and magnesium and the water leaves the resin bed as soft water.

Water Softeners are very affordable.

An automatic water softener can be rented for as low as $35.00 per month.  I

Water softeners may be purchased for as low as $950.00.

Call: (805) 647-3365 for more information about soft water.

Water Pro offers soft water service in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Ojai, Oak View, and Port Hueneme.